Practical and Desirable Solar Electric Vehicle Solutions

We are constantly striving to bring new exciting vehicles to the market. Our aim is bring both desirable and practical solar powered electric vehicles to the commercial workplace in the way of solar delivery vans, rugged electric pick-up trucks as well as individual leisure and pleasure driving.

It is our belief that electric vehicles can be stunning pieces of automotive design as well as being carbon neutral. Electric cars no longer need to be undesirable boxes on wheels with a battery and a motor. We want to create electric vehicles that are stunning to look at, fun to drive as well as being extremely reliable.

To encourage the transition from combustion engine transport to electric or more so solar powered transport, great consideration needs to applied not only to vehicle aesthetics, but in many cases practicality is equally important. This particularly applies to commercial use. 

A project we are keen to complete in 2018 is that of a large payload solar electric delivery van. As a world population we place great demands on companies to deliver resources and products promptly. This adds greatly to congestion and pollution particularly in the major cities around the world. A van creates a fantastic canvas for solar energy placement reducing any companies carbon footprint dramatically. This can only be good for everyone.

Every innovator, designer, technical engineer, and manufacturer has a vision and  an ambition to create something quite extraordinary. One of our projects is to create an autonomous solar electric supercar. This vehicle will not only embrace modern technologies but also present a electric transport concepts. Although this is years from completion, the tangiable ethos of the car is very much of the forefront of our minds.

Electric and Solar Electric Transport Solutions. From City Commute Vehicles to Commercial Vans and Sportscars