Practical and Desirable Solar Electric Vehicle Solutions

Solar Powered Transport Solutions

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For many years mankind has developed ways of developing transportation methods, from horse drawn carriages in the middle ages to combustion engines of the last century.

It is evidently clear that the current method of powered transport is unsustainable. Not only is the oil resource required to fuel a combustion engine diminishing, it is also causing a devastating impact of human health and the planet on which we all share.

Our mission has been to create a practical mode of transport that has zero environmental impact, that is totally cost effective as well as being safe and comfortable.

Our current transport models harvest the natural energy provided by the sun to deliver electricity on demand, when required to drive electric motors. 

The biggest threat to a sustainable planet, is from mankind itself. By making small changes to the way we go about our day to day lives we can make a significant beneficial change to the health and well being of all.

Electric and Solar Electric Transport Solutions. From City Commute Vehicles to Commercial Vans and Sportscars